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Born in Brooklyn, Jesse Holt’s counter-culture parents moved many times throughout NYC and New England. A sense of adventure moved the family to Hawaii in the late seventies. Growing up among diverse cultures exposed Jesse to a wide variety of ideas and artistic styles. After earning his BFA degree from the University of Hawaii, he moved to NYC to pursue a career in art and design. He currently lives with his wife Renee in Brooklyn.


The Interface Series are mosaic portraits using recycled computer keyboard keys. It explores the concepts of identity and the multiple layers of data present in all artwork. As a graphic designer Jesse has forged a strong relationship between his own identity and the ubiquity of technology in our modern lives. In The Interface Series, computer keys are repurposed to function as a proxy for the digital information represented in the images.


Interface, in its use here, is a reinterpretation of the word. The prefix "inter" means literally "in the midst of" alluding to the fact that the necessary information for the viewer is contained in a series of pixels. And "face", is just that, the identity of a person in the form of a portrait. Interface captures the moment of recognition between a random assortment of pixels and the brain recognizing an image from our collective culture.


Interface, like digital information, is comprised of multiple layers of information. There are words and letter associations built into the keys' pixel patterns. The words communicate details relating to the piece and references to the artist’s thoughts at the time of the piece’s creation.



jesse holt

The Interface Series